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The process of last minute trips is this: (in a nut shell)

  • STEP 1: Collin and Julien throw two darts at a map LIVE. 
  • STEP 2: They take a poll from followers and fans on which point from the two darts they should travel to. 
  • STEP 3: The buy tickets immediately to that destination.
  • STEP 4: They go!


Julien and Collin start a Youtube live video where they not only chat with their audience online, but allow them to join in on the process of seeing where their “dart” will take them. 

They each get a dart and they blindfold themselves before literally tossing it at a large map on the wall. 

We then are there, LIVE, with 2 destinations in mind. One at each dart point. 

They then take a poll from their live audience (via twitter and YT live) and then, in that moment book a LAST MINUTE TRIP to the winning destination. 

Most of the time on the trip, the guys don’t know where they are going or what they are going to do from the moment they get off the plane in their new destination. This includes, not knowing where they are sleeping that night… or if there is even a rental car place nearby. This spontaneity and in the moment approach is the point of the show. - They genuinely explore, and check out the town.  They run into locals, and learn about what makes the towns awesome (or not awesome). They talk to fans across all their social platforms (Twitter, Snapchat, Skype, Instragam, etc..) and get suggestions from them on things to do or see while on their trip. 


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Sometimes things, events and places are too good to leave up to a dart throw.  NOT SO LAST MINUTE TRIPS is there for that reason. Taking on the same structure and explorative nature as LAST MINUTE TRIPS this series explores some really cool places and events (minus the dart throw). For example, for their first episode Collin and Julien went to see the solar eclipse take place. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. This year they will also be traveling to the Superbowl for an episode of NSLMT.